Kubota machinery parts manufacturer

2018-06-13 15:20:35 43

Kubaoda's small lightweight high-horsepower engine enjoys a good reputation in the global market. In order to deal with all kinds of industrial engine demand, we not only provide all kinds of horsepower is below the 85 kw of full range of products at the same time we also provide diesel, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other corresponding fuel. The biggest advantage of kubotian engine is its technical capability and advanced application engineering capability. Kubota became the first company in the world to receive the California air resources board's emissions regulations certification (CARB) in 1993. Since then, kubota, as a pioneer in environmental technology, has been leading the world in meeting stringent emissions restrictions. Long yasuda engine with nearly a century of the history accumulation and accumulated rich experience, the engine to the machine to make the most perfect collocation, dedicated out and pick up the machine for our clients the most appropriate engine works. In addition, ChengGong Export&Import co., LTD. Produces professional kubaoda machinery parts in order to provide the engine products of kubaoda to mechanical manufacturers who are engaged in production activities around the world in the first time. From long yasuda factories in Thailand, in 2014 started production in China, long yasuda group completed from the casting of raw materials to the processing and assembly of engine full production, so as to ensure the quality of each engine. We send the high quality engine of kubaoda to every corner of the world.

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